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National Water Quantity Data

The National Water Quantity (NWQ) information provided to the South African National Space Agency (SANSA) is generated using pre-existing data modelling procedures developed and operationalized jointly by GEOTERRAIMAGE SA (www.geoterraimage.com) and EKOSOURCE (www.ekosource.co.za) . As such all Intellectual Property rights associated with these algorithms, models and methods remain at all times with GEOTERRAIMAGE SA and EKOSOURCE.

User Licence & Data Access

The NWQ information is provided to SANSA on a monthly basis, covering the contractual period from January 2016 to June 2022 inclusive. SANSA is granted for the contractual period a non-exclusive, Multi-User License to use and distribute the supplied monthly national surface water extent and associated dam volume information in both spatial and non-spatial formats to all national government departments, provincial and municipal sub-departments, and any of their legally associated entities.

The full set of GIS compatible, geospatial monthly water information presented in this website can be obtained from SANSA, at the following contact: Ms Nomnikelo Bongoza or Ms Thando Oliphant, South African National Space Agency (SANSA), Directorate: Earth Observation. Tel +27 12 844 0500. Fax +27 12 844 0396. Email customers-eo@sansa.org.za.

Both SANSA and the indicated government departments (and associated legal entities) may use this information internally, or provide access to independent 3rd parties specifically undertaking contractual work on behalf of SANSA or any of the indicated government departments.

Neither SANSA, the indicated government departments or any contracted 3rd party may use the supplied information in order to develop a competitive, comparable national, monthly water and volume modelling capability and service, either for South Africa or elsewhere internationally.

At the end of the contractual period the supplied monthly surface water and volume data can be retained by SANSA and the government departments and associated legal entities. All 3rd, non-government parties provided with access to the monthly surface water and volume data must delete all copies of the data from their computer systems and data archives, once the contracted work has been completed. No 3rd party may retain nor use the SANSA or department supplied data for their own use or purpose. It is the responsibility of SANSA to ensure that these conditions are applied to by both departments and any departmentally contracted 3rd parties.

The multi-user license does not allow public dissemination of the supplied spatial and non-spatial data.

Additional technical information on the surface water detection and data metadata can be found at the following link:
Metadata Report - Summary
Metadata Report - Full Document

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